1.3 million Hajj pilgrims Reached in Saudi Arabia

1.3 million Hajj pilgrims Reached in Saudi Arabia

The haj journey is set to start on Tuesday, more than 1.3 million individuals arrived Saudi Arabia and up to three million individuals anticipated that would visit the heavenly site in Mina, Mecca. These Pilgrims will stay for more than five days.

General Director of Saudi visa office told the media that at least 13,10,408 Hajj travelers have entered Saudi Arabia.

Iran and Saudia split over Hajj 2015 incident, and no one Irani pilgrim is performing Hajj this year as Iran Govt blame for the Incident to Saudi Arabia for Miss management. Saudi Great Scholar declared Iran People Non Muslim in few days back statement.

1.3 million Hajj pilgrims Reached in Saudi Arabia

The exchange of the explorers to the heavenly destinations is set to start on Saturday evening. At Mina, ventilated tents give brief convenience to the meeting travelers.

An arrangement guaranteeing the security of explorers has been organized by a board of trustees comprising of individuals from the hajj service, in a joint effort with the official advisory group in charge of observing the exchange of pioneers and the General Cars Syndicate.

Alongside different organizations, clarified Marwan Rashad Zubaidi, secretary general and representative of the Syndicate.

The hajj is one of the five mainstays of Islam, which competent Muslims must perform at any rate once, denoting the profound pinnacle of their lives.

The areas required in the association of the current year’s hajj are working round-the-clock to guarantee the finishing of the considerable number of arrangements in the blessed locales, and give the best conditions to explorers to give themselves to the execution of hajj.

Open proclamations and Saudi press reports demonstrate that progressions have been made despite the fact that nobody was ever rebuked for the charge.

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